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org.springframework.jdbc.datasource Provides a utility class for easy DataSource access, a PlatformTransactionManager for a single DataSource, and various simple DataSource implementations. 

Uses of DelegatingDataSource in org.springframework.jdbc.datasource

Subclasses of DelegatingDataSource in org.springframework.jdbc.datasource
 class IsolationLevelDataSourceAdapter
          An adapter for a target DataSource, applying the current Spring transaction's isolation level (and potentially specified user credentials) to every getConnection call.
 class LazyConnectionDataSourceProxy
          Proxy for a target DataSource, fetching actual JDBC Connections lazily, i.e. not until first creation of a Statement.
 class TransactionAwareDataSourceProxy
          Proxy for a target JDBC DataSource, adding awareness of Spring-managed transactions.
 class UserCredentialsDataSourceAdapter
          An adapter for a target JDBC DataSource, applying the specified user credentials to every standard getConnection() call, implicitly invoking getConnection(username, password) on the target.
 class WebSphereDataSourceAdapter
          DataSource implementation that delegates all calls to a WebSphere target DataSource, typically obtained from JNDI, applying a current isolation level and/or current user credentials to every Connection obtained from it.

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