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Packages that use MailException
org.springframework.mail Spring's generic mail infrastructure. 
org.springframework.mail.javamail JavaMail support for Spring's mail infrastructure. 

Uses of MailException in org.springframework.mail

Subclasses of MailException in org.springframework.mail
 class MailAuthenticationException
          Exception thrown on failed authentication.
 class MailParseException
          Exception thrown if illegal message properties are encountered.
 class MailPreparationException
          Exception to be thrown by user code if a mail cannot be prepared properly, for example when a Velocity template cannot be rendered for the mail text.
 class MailSendException
          Exception thrown when a mail sending error is encountered.

Methods in org.springframework.mail that throw MailException
 void MailSender.send(SimpleMailMessage simpleMessage)
          Send the given simple mail message.
 void MailSender.send(SimpleMailMessage[] simpleMessages)
          Send the given array of simple mail messages in batch.

Uses of MailException in org.springframework.mail.javamail

Methods in org.springframework.mail.javamail that throw MailException
 MimeMessage JavaMailSenderImpl.createMimeMessage(InputStream contentStream)
 MimeMessage JavaMailSender.createMimeMessage(InputStream contentStream)
          Create a new JavaMail MimeMessage for the underlying JavaMail Session of this sender, using the given input stream as the message source.
protected  void JavaMailSenderImpl.doSend(MimeMessage[] mimeMessages, Object[] originalMessages)
          Actually send the given array of MimeMessages via JavaMail.
 void JavaMailSenderImpl.send(MimeMessage mimeMessage)
 void JavaMailSender.send(MimeMessage mimeMessage)
          Send the given JavaMail MIME message.
 void JavaMailSenderImpl.send(MimeMessage[] mimeMessages)
 void JavaMailSender.send(MimeMessage[] mimeMessages)
          Send the given array of JavaMail MIME messages in batch.
 void JavaMailSenderImpl.send(MimeMessagePreparator mimeMessagePreparator)
 void JavaMailSender.send(MimeMessagePreparator mimeMessagePreparator)
          Send the JavaMail MIME message prepared by the given MimeMessagePreparator.
 void JavaMailSenderImpl.send(MimeMessagePreparator[] mimeMessagePreparators)
 void JavaMailSender.send(MimeMessagePreparator[] mimeMessagePreparators)
          Send the JavaMail MIME messages prepared by the given MimeMessagePreparators.
 void JavaMailSenderImpl.send(SimpleMailMessage simpleMessage)
 void JavaMailSenderImpl.send(SimpleMailMessage[] simpleMessages)

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