Class RemoteAccessor

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public abstract class RemoteAccessor
extends RemotingSupport

Abstract base class for classes that access a remote service. Provides a "serviceInterface" bean property.

Note that the service interface being used will show some signs of remotability, like the granularity of method calls that it offers. Furthermore, it has to have serializable arguments etc.

Accessors are supposed to throw Spring's generic RemoteAccessException in case of remote invocation failure, provided that the service interface does not declare java.rmi.RemoteException.

Juergen Hoeller
See Also:
RemoteAccessException, RemoteException

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Method Summary
 Class getServiceInterface()
          Return the interface of the service to access.
 void setServiceInterface(Class serviceInterface)
          Set the interface of the service to access.
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Constructor Detail


public RemoteAccessor()
Method Detail


public void setServiceInterface(Class serviceInterface)
Set the interface of the service to access. The interface must be suitable for the particular service and remoting strategy.

Typically required to be able to create a suitable service proxy, but can also be optional if the lookup returns a typed proxy.


public Class getServiceInterface()
Return the interface of the service to access.

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