Interface JobDetailAwareTrigger

All Known Implementing Classes:
CronTriggerBean, SimpleTriggerBean

public interface JobDetailAwareTrigger

Interface to be implemented by Quartz Triggers that are aware of the JobDetail object that they are associated with.

SchedulerFactoryBean will auto-detect Triggers that implement this interface and register them for the respective JobDetail accordingly.

The alternative is to configure a Trigger for a Job name and group: This involves the need to register the JobDetail object separately with SchedulerFactoryBean.

Juergen Hoeller
See Also:
SchedulerAccessor.setTriggers(org.quartz.Trigger[]), SchedulerAccessor.setJobDetails(org.quartz.JobDetail[]), Trigger.setJobName(java.lang.String), Trigger.setJobGroup(java.lang.String)

Method Summary
 JobDetail getJobDetail()
          Return the JobDetail that this Trigger is associated with.

Method Detail


JobDetail getJobDetail()
Return the JobDetail that this Trigger is associated with.

the associated JobDetail, or null if none

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