Uses of Interface

Packages that use ScriptFactory
org.springframework.scripting.bsh Package providing integration of BeanShell into Spring's scripting infrastructure. 
org.springframework.scripting.groovy Package providing integration of Groovy into Spring's scripting infrastructure. 
org.springframework.scripting.jruby Package providing integration of JRuby into Spring's scripting infrastructure. Support classes for Spring's scripting package. 

Uses of ScriptFactory in org.springframework.scripting.bsh

Classes in org.springframework.scripting.bsh that implement ScriptFactory
 class BshScriptFactory
          ScriptFactory implementation for a BeanShell script.

Uses of ScriptFactory in org.springframework.scripting.groovy

Classes in org.springframework.scripting.groovy that implement ScriptFactory
 class GroovyScriptFactory
          ScriptFactory implementation for a Groovy script.

Uses of ScriptFactory in org.springframework.scripting.jruby

Classes in org.springframework.scripting.jruby that implement ScriptFactory
 class JRubyScriptFactory
          ScriptFactory implementation for a JRuby script.

Uses of ScriptFactory in

Constructors in with parameters of type ScriptFactory
RefreshableScriptTargetSource(BeanFactory beanFactory, String beanName, ScriptFactory scriptFactory, ScriptSource scriptSource, boolean isFactoryBean)
          Create a new RefreshableScriptTargetSource.

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