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org.springframework.transaction Exception hierarchy for Spring's transaction infrastructure, independent of any specific transaction management system. 

Uses of TransactionUsageException in org.springframework.transaction

Subclasses of TransactionUsageException in org.springframework.transaction
 class IllegalTransactionStateException
          Exception thrown when the existence or non-existence of a transaction amounts to an illegal state according to the transaction propagation behavior that applies.
 class InvalidIsolationLevelException
          Exception that gets thrown when an invalid isolation level is specified, i.e. an isolation level that the transaction manager implementation doesn't support.
 class InvalidTimeoutException
          Exception that gets thrown when an invalid timeout is specified, that is, the specified timeout valid is out of range or the transaction manager implementation doesn't support timeouts.
 class NoTransactionException
          Exception thrown when an operation is attempted that relies on an existing transaction (such as setting rollback status) and there is no existing transaction.

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