Package org.springframework.web.bind

Provides web-specific data binding functionality.


Class Summary
EscapedErrors Errors wrapper that adds automatic HTML escaping to the wrapped instance, for convenient usage in HTML views.
RequestUtils Deprecated. as of Spring 2.0: use ServletRequestUtils instead
ServletRequestDataBinder Special DataBinder to perform data binding from servlet request parameters to JavaBeans, including support for multipart files.
ServletRequestParameterPropertyValues PropertyValues implementation created from parameters in a ServletRequest.
ServletRequestUtils Parameter extraction methods, for an approach distinct from data binding, in which parameters of specific types are required.
WebDataBinder Special DataBinder for data binding from web request parameters to JavaBean objects.

Exception Summary
MissingServletRequestParameterException ServletRequestBindingException subclass that indicates a missing parameter.
ServletRequestBindingException Fatal binding exception, thrown when we want to treat binding exceptions as unrecoverable.

Package org.springframework.web.bind Description

Provides web-specific data binding functionality.

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