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Packages that use WebRequest Classes supporting the org.springframework.orm.hibernate3 package. Classes supporting the org.springframework.orm.jdo package. Classes supporting the org.springframework.orm.jpa package. Support classes for web data binding. 
org.springframework.web.context.request Support for generic request context holding, in particular for scoping of application objects per HTTP request or HTTP session. 
org.springframework.web.portlet.context Support for Spring's application context concept in a portlet environment, including ApplicationContext implementations and various utility classes. 
org.springframework.web.servlet.handler Provides standard HandlerMapping implementations, including abstract base classes for custom implementations. 

Uses of WebRequest in

Methods in with parameters of type WebRequest
 void OpenSessionInViewInterceptor.afterCompletion(WebRequest request, Exception ex)
          Unbind the Hibernate Session from the thread and close it (in single session mode), or process deferred close for all sessions that have been opened during the current request (in deferred close mode).
 void OpenSessionInViewInterceptor.postHandle(WebRequest request, ModelMap model)
          Flush the Hibernate Session before view rendering, if necessary.
 void OpenSessionInViewInterceptor.preHandle(WebRequest request)
          Open a new Hibernate Session according to the settings of this HibernateAccessor and bind it to the thread via the TransactionSynchronizationManager.

Uses of WebRequest in

Methods in with parameters of type WebRequest
 void OpenPersistenceManagerInViewInterceptor.afterCompletion(WebRequest request, Exception ex)
 void OpenPersistenceManagerInViewInterceptor.postHandle(WebRequest request, ModelMap model)
 void OpenPersistenceManagerInViewInterceptor.preHandle(WebRequest request)

Uses of WebRequest in

Methods in with parameters of type WebRequest
 void OpenEntityManagerInViewInterceptor.afterCompletion(WebRequest request, Exception ex)
 void OpenEntityManagerInViewInterceptor.postHandle(WebRequest request, ModelMap model)
 void OpenEntityManagerInViewInterceptor.preHandle(WebRequest request)

Uses of WebRequest in

Methods in with parameters of type WebRequest
 void WebRequestDataBinder.bind(WebRequest request)
          Bind the parameters of the given request to this binder's target, also binding multipart files in case of a multipart request.
 void DefaultSessionAttributeStore.cleanupAttribute(WebRequest request, String attributeName)
 void SessionAttributeStore.cleanupAttribute(WebRequest request, String attributeName)
          Clean up the specified attribute in the backend session.
protected  String DefaultSessionAttributeStore.getAttributeNameInSession(WebRequest request, String attributeName)
          Calculate the attribute name in the backend session.
 void WebBindingInitializer.initBinder(WebDataBinder binder, WebRequest request)
          Initialize the given DataBinder for the given request.
 void ConfigurableWebBindingInitializer.initBinder(WebDataBinder binder, WebRequest request)
 Object DefaultSessionAttributeStore.retrieveAttribute(WebRequest request, String attributeName)
 Object SessionAttributeStore.retrieveAttribute(WebRequest request, String attributeName)
          Retrieve the specified attribute from the backend session.
 void DefaultSessionAttributeStore.storeAttribute(WebRequest request, String attributeName, Object attributeValue)
 void SessionAttributeStore.storeAttribute(WebRequest request, String attributeName, Object attributeValue)
          Store the supplied attribute in the backend session.

Uses of WebRequest in org.springframework.web.context.request

Subinterfaces of WebRequest in org.springframework.web.context.request
 interface NativeWebRequest
          Extension of the WebRequest interface, exposing the native request and response objects in a generic fashion.

Classes in org.springframework.web.context.request that implement WebRequest
 class FacesWebRequest
          WebRequest adapter for a JSF FacesContext.
 class ServletWebRequest
          WebRequest adapter for an HttpServletRequest.

Methods in org.springframework.web.context.request with parameters of type WebRequest
 void WebRequestInterceptor.afterCompletion(WebRequest request, Exception ex)
          Callback after completion of request processing, that is, after rendering the view.
 void Log4jNestedDiagnosticContextInterceptor.afterCompletion(WebRequest request, Exception ex)
          Removes the log message from the Log4J NDC after the request is processed.
protected  String Log4jNestedDiagnosticContextInterceptor.getNestedDiagnosticContextMessage(WebRequest request)
          Determine the message to be pushed onto the Log4J nested diagnostic context.
 void WebRequestInterceptor.postHandle(WebRequest request, ModelMap model)
          Intercept the execution of a request handler after its successful invocation, right before view rendering (if any).
 void Log4jNestedDiagnosticContextInterceptor.postHandle(WebRequest request, ModelMap model)
 void WebRequestInterceptor.preHandle(WebRequest request)
          Intercept the execution of a request handler before its invocation.
 void Log4jNestedDiagnosticContextInterceptor.preHandle(WebRequest request)
          Adds a message the Log4J NDC before the request is processed.

Uses of WebRequest in org.springframework.web.portlet.context

Classes in org.springframework.web.portlet.context that implement WebRequest
 class PortletWebRequest
          WebRequest adapter for a PortletRequest.

Uses of WebRequest in org.springframework.web.servlet.handler

Classes in org.springframework.web.servlet.handler that implement WebRequest
 class DispatcherServletWebRequest
          ServletWebRequest subclass that is aware of DispatcherServlet's request context, such as the Locale determined by the configured LocaleResolver.

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