Support classes for Spring's web MVC framework.


Class Summary
BindStatus Simple adapter to expose the bind status of a field or object.
JspAwareRequestContext JSP-aware (and JSTL-aware) subclass of RequestContext, allowing for population of the context from a javax.servlet.jsp.PageContext.
JstlUtils Helper class for preparing JSTL views, in particular for exposing a JSTL localization context.
RequestContext Context holder for request-specific state, like current web application context, current locale, current theme, and potential binding errors.
RequestContextUtils Utility class for easy access to request-specific state which has been set by the DispatcherServlet.
WebContentGenerator Convenient superclass for any kind of web content generator, like AbstractController and WebContentInterceptor.

Package Description

Support classes for Spring's web MVC framework. Provides easy evaluation of the request context in views, and miscellaneous HandlerInterceptor implementations.

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