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public interface NotificationPublisher

Simple interface allowing Spring-managed MBeans to publish JMX notifications without being aware of how those notifications are being transmitted to the MBeanServer.

Managed resources can access a NotificationPublisher by implementing the NotificationPublisherAware interface. After a particular managed resource instance is registered with the MBeanServer, Spring will inject a NotificationPublisher instance into it if that resource implements the NotificationPublisherAware inteface.

Each managed resource instance will have a distinct instance of a NotificationPublisher implementation. This instance will keep track of all the NotificationListeners registered for a particular mananaged resource.

Any existing, user-defined MBeans should use standard JMX APIs for notification publication; this interface is intended for use only by Spring-created MBeans.

Rob Harrop
See Also:
NotificationPublisherAware, MBeanExporter

Method Summary
 void sendNotification(Notification notification)
          Send the specified Notification to all registered NotificationListeners.

Method Detail


void sendNotification(Notification notification)
                      throws UnableToSendNotificationException
Send the specified Notification to all registered NotificationListeners. Managed resources are not responsible for managing the list of registered NotificationListeners; that is performed automatically.

notification - the JMX Notification to send
UnableToSendNotificationException - if sending failed