Package org.springframework.cache.interceptor

AOP-based solution for declarative caching demarcation.


Interface Summary
CacheOperationSource Interface used by CacheInterceptor.
KeyGenerator Cache key generator.

Class Summary
AbstractFallbackCacheOperationSource Abstract implementation of CacheOperation that caches attributes for methods and implements a fallback policy: 1.
AbstractFallbackCacheOperationSource.DefaultCacheKey Default cache key for the CacheOperation cache.
BeanFactoryCacheOperationSourceAdvisor Advisor driven by a CacheOperationSource, used to include a cache advice bean for methods that are cacheable.
CacheableOperation Class describing a cache 'cacheable' operation.
CacheAspectSupport Base class for caching aspects, such as the CacheInterceptor or an AspectJ aspect.
CacheEvictOperation Class describing a cache 'evict' operation.
CacheExpressionRootObject Class describing the root object used during the expression evaluation.
CacheInterceptor AOP Alliance MethodInterceptor for declarative cache management using the common Spring caching infrastructure (Cache).
CacheOperation Base class implementing CacheOperation.
CacheOperationSourcePointcut A Pointcut that matches if the underlying CacheOperationSource has an attribute for a given method.
CacheProxyFactoryBean Proxy factory bean for simplified declarative caching handling.
CachePutOperation Class describing a cache 'put' operation.
CompositeCacheOperationSource Composite CacheOperationSource implementation that iterates over a given array of CacheOperationSource instances.
DefaultKeyGenerator Default key generator.
ExpressionEvaluator Utility class handling the SpEL expression parsing.
LazyParamAwareEvaluationContext Evaluation context class that adds a method parameters as SpEL variables, in a lazy manner.
NameMatchCacheOperationSource Simple CacheOperationSource implementation that allows attributes to be matched by registered name.

Exception Summary

Package org.springframework.cache.interceptor Description

AOP-based solution for declarative caching demarcation. Builds on the AOP infrastructure in org.springframework.aop.framework. Any POJO can be cache-advised with Spring.