Class SimpleApplicationEventMulticaster

  extended by org.springframework.context.event.AbstractApplicationEventMulticaster
      extended by org.springframework.context.event.SimpleApplicationEventMulticaster
All Implemented Interfaces:
Aware, BeanFactoryAware, ApplicationEventMulticaster

public class SimpleApplicationEventMulticaster
extends AbstractApplicationEventMulticaster

Simple implementation of the ApplicationEventMulticaster interface.

Multicasts all events to all registered listeners, leaving it up to the listeners to ignore events that they are not interested in. Listeners will usually perform corresponding instanceof checks on the passed-in event object.

By default, all listeners are invoked in the calling thread. This allows the danger of a rogue listener blocking the entire application, but adds minimal overhead. Specify an alternative TaskExecutor to have listeners executed in different threads, for example from a thread pool.

Rod Johnson, Juergen Hoeller
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Field Summary
private  java.util.concurrent.Executor taskExecutor
Constructor Summary
          Create a new SimpleApplicationEventMulticaster.
SimpleApplicationEventMulticaster(BeanFactory beanFactory)
          Create a new SimpleApplicationEventMulticaster for the given BeanFactory.
Method Summary
protected  java.util.concurrent.Executor getTaskExecutor()
          Return the current TaskExecutor for this multicaster.
 void multicastEvent(ApplicationEvent event)
          Multicast the given application event to appropriate listeners.
 void setTaskExecutor(java.util.concurrent.Executor taskExecutor)
          Set the TaskExecutor to execute application listeners with.
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Field Detail


private java.util.concurrent.Executor taskExecutor
Constructor Detail


public SimpleApplicationEventMulticaster()
Create a new SimpleApplicationEventMulticaster.


public SimpleApplicationEventMulticaster(BeanFactory beanFactory)
Create a new SimpleApplicationEventMulticaster for the given BeanFactory.

Method Detail


public void setTaskExecutor(java.util.concurrent.Executor taskExecutor)
Set the TaskExecutor to execute application listeners with.

Default is a SyncTaskExecutor, executing the listeners synchronously in the calling thread.

Consider specifying an asynchronous TaskExecutor here to not block the caller until all listeners have been executed. However, note that asynchronous execution will not participate in the caller's thread context (class loader, transaction association) unless the TaskExecutor explicitly supports this.

See Also:
SyncTaskExecutor, SimpleAsyncTaskExecutor


protected java.util.concurrent.Executor getTaskExecutor()
Return the current TaskExecutor for this multicaster.


public void multicastEvent(ApplicationEvent event)
Description copied from interface: ApplicationEventMulticaster
Multicast the given application event to appropriate listeners.

event - the event to multicast