Package org.springframework.core.env

Interface Summary
ConfigurableEnvironment Configuration interface to be implemented by most if not all Environment types.
ConfigurablePropertyResolver Configuration interface to be implemented by most if not all PropertyResolver types.
Environment Interface representing the environment in which the current application is running.
EnvironmentCapable Interface indicating a component contains and makes available an Environment object.
PropertyResolver Interface for resolving properties against any underlying source.
PropertySources Holder containing one or more PropertySource objects.

Class Summary
AbstractEnvironment Abstract base class for Environment implementations.
AbstractPropertyResolver Abstract base class for resolving properties against any underlying source.
CommandLineArgs A simple representation of command line arguments, broken into "option arguments" and "non-option arguments".
CommandLinePropertySource<T> Abstract base class for PropertySource implementations backed by command line arguments.
EnumerablePropertySource<T> A PropertySource implementation capable of interrogating its underlying source object to enumerate all possible property name/value pairs.
JOptCommandLinePropertySource CommandLinePropertySource implementation backed by a JOpt OptionSet.
MapPropertySource PropertySource that reads keys and values from a Map object.
MutablePropertySources Default implementation of the PropertySources interface.
PropertiesPropertySource PropertySource implementation that extracts properties from a Properties object.
PropertySource<T> Abstract base class representing a source of name/value property pairs.
PropertySource.StubPropertySource PropertySource to be used as a placeholder in cases where an actual property source cannot be eagerly initialized at application context creation time.
PropertySourcesPropertyResolver PropertyResolver implementation that resolves property values against an underlying set of PropertySources.
ReadOnlySystemAttributesMap Read-only Map<String, String> implementation that is backed by system properties or environment variables.
SimpleCommandLineArgsParser Parses a String[] of command line arguments in order to populate a CommandLineArgs object.
SimpleCommandLinePropertySource CommandLinePropertySource implementation backed by a simple String array.
StandardEnvironment Environment implementation suitable for use in 'standard' (i.e.
SystemEnvironmentPropertySource Specialization of MapPropertySource designed for use with system environment variables.

Exception Summary
MissingRequiredPropertiesException Exception thrown when required properties are not found.