Package org.springframework.jms.listener

This package contains the base message listener container facility.


Interface Summary
SessionAwareMessageListener<M extends Message> Variant of the standard JMS javax.jms.MessageListener interface, offering not only the received Message but also the underlying JMS Session object.
SubscriptionNameProvider Interface to be implemented by message listener objects that suggest a specific name for a durable subscription that they might be registered with.

Class Summary
AbstractJmsListeningContainer Common base class for all containers which need to implement listening based on a JMS Connection (either shared or freshly obtained for each attempt).
AbstractMessageListenerContainer Abstract base class for message listener containers.
AbstractPollingMessageListenerContainer Base class for listener container implementations which are based on polling.
DefaultMessageListenerContainer Message listener container variant that uses plain JMS client APIs, specifically a loop of MessageConsumer.receive() calls that also allow for transactional reception of messages (registering them with XA transactions).
DefaultMessageListenerContainer102 Deprecated. as of Spring 3.0, in favor of the JMS 1.1 based DefaultMessageListenerContainer
LocallyExposedJmsResourceHolder JmsResourceHolder marker subclass that indicates local exposure, i.e.
SimpleMessageListenerContainer Message listener container that uses the plain JMS client API's MessageConsumer.setMessageListener() method to create concurrent MessageConsumers for the specified listeners.
SimpleMessageListenerContainer102 Deprecated. as of Spring 3.0, in favor of the JMS 1.1 based SimpleMessageListenerContainer

Exception Summary
AbstractJmsListeningContainer.SharedConnectionNotInitializedException Exception that indicates that the initial setup of this container's shared JMS Connection failed.
AbstractMessageListenerContainer.MessageRejectedWhileStoppingException Internal exception class that indicates a rejected message on shutdown.

Package org.springframework.jms.listener Description

This package contains the base message listener container facility. It also offers the DefaultMessageListenerContainer and SimpleMessageListenerContainer implementations, based on the plain JMS client API.