Package org.springframework.remoting.rmi

Remoting classes for conventional RMI and transparent remoting via RMI invokers.


Interface Summary
RmiInvocationHandler Interface for RMI invocation handlers instances on the server, wrapping exported services.

Class Summary
CodebaseAwareObjectInputStream Special ObjectInputStream subclass that falls back to a specified codebase to load classes from if not found locally.
JndiRmiClientInterceptor org.aopalliance.intercept.MethodInterceptor for accessing RMI services from JNDI.
JndiRmiProxyFactoryBean FactoryBean for RMI proxies from JNDI.
JndiRmiServiceExporter Service exporter which binds RMI services to JNDI.
RemoteInvocationSerializingExporter Abstract base class for remote service exporters that explicitly deserialize RemoteInvocation objects and serialize RemoteInvocationResult objects, for example Spring's HTTP invoker.
RmiBasedExporter Convenient superclass for RMI-based remote exporters.
RmiClientInterceptor org.aopalliance.intercept.MethodInterceptor for accessing conventional RMI services or RMI invokers.
RmiClientInterceptor.DummyURLStreamHandler Dummy URLStreamHandler that's just specified to suppress the standard URLStreamHandler lookup, to be able to use the standard URL class for parsing "rmi:..." URLs.
RmiClientInterceptorUtils Factored-out methods for performing invocations within an RMI client.
RmiInvocationWrapper Server-side implementation of RmiInvocationHandler.
RmiProxyFactoryBean FactoryBean for RMI proxies, supporting both conventional RMI services and RMI invokers.
RmiRegistryFactoryBean FactoryBean that locates a Registry and exposes it for bean references.
RmiServiceExporter RMI exporter that exposes the specified service as RMI object with the specified name.

Package org.springframework.remoting.rmi Description

Remoting classes for conventional RMI and transparent remoting via RMI invokers. Provides a proxy factory for accessing RMI services, and an exporter for making beans available to RMI clients.