Class Summary
AbstractMessageConverterMethodArgumentResolver A base class for resolving method argument values by reading from the body of a request with HttpMessageConverters.
AbstractMessageConverterMethodProcessor Extends AbstractMessageConverterMethodArgumentResolver with the ability to handle method return values by writing to the response with HttpMessageConverters.
HttpEntityMethodProcessor Resolves HttpEntity method argument values and also handles both HttpEntity and ResponseEntity return values.
ModelAndViewMethodReturnValueHandler Handles return values of type ModelAndView copying view and model information to the ModelAndViewContainer.
ModelAndViewResolverMethodReturnValueHandler This return value handler is intended to be ordered after all others as it attempts to handle _any_ return value type (i.e.
PathVariableMethodArgumentResolver Resolves method arguments annotated with an @PathVariable.
RedirectAttributesMethodArgumentResolver Resolves method arguments of type RedirectAttributes.
RequestPartMethodArgumentResolver Resolves the following method arguments: Annotated with @RequestPart Of type MultipartFile in conjunction with Spring's MultipartResolver abstraction Of type javax.servlet.http.Part in conjunction with Servlet 3.0 multipart requests
RequestResponseBodyMethodProcessor Resolves method arguments annotated with @RequestBody and handles return values from methods annotated with @ResponseBody by reading and writing to the body of the request or response with an HttpMessageConverter.
ServletCookieValueMethodArgumentResolver An AbstractCookieValueMethodArgumentResolver that resolves cookie values from an HttpServletRequest.
ServletModelAttributeMethodProcessor A Servlet-specific ModelAttributeMethodProcessor that applies data binding through a WebDataBinder of type ServletRequestDataBinder.
ServletRequestMethodArgumentResolver Resolves request-related method argument values of the following types: WebRequest ServletRequest MultipartRequest HttpSession Principal Locale InputStream Reader
ServletResponseMethodArgumentResolver Resolves response-related method argument values of types: ServletResponse OutputStream Writer
ServletWebArgumentResolverAdapter A Servlet-specific AbstractWebArgumentResolverAdapter that creates a NativeWebRequest from ServletRequestAttributes.
UriComponentsBuilderMethodArgumentResolver Resolvers argument values of type UriComponentsBuilder.
ViewMethodReturnValueHandler Handles return values that are of type View.
ViewNameMethodReturnValueHandler Handles return values of types void and String interpreting them as view name reference.