Interface BeanFactoryLocator

All Known Implementing Classes:
ContextJndiBeanFactoryLocator, ContextSingletonBeanFactoryLocator, SingletonBeanFactoryLocator

public interface BeanFactoryLocator

Defines a contract for the lookup, use, and release of a BeanFactory, or a BeanFactory subclass such as an ApplicationContext.

Where this interface is implemented as a singleton class such as SingletonBeanFactoryLocator, the Spring team strongly suggests that it be used sparingly and with caution. By far the vast majority of the code inside an application is best written in a Dependency Injection style, where that code is served out of a BeanFactory/ApplicationContext container, and has its own dependencies supplied by the container when it is created. However, even such a singleton implementation sometimes has its use in the small glue layers of code that is sometimes needed to tie other code together. For example, third party code may try to construct new objects directly, without the ability to force it to get these objects out of a BeanFactory. If the object constructed by the third party code is just a small stub or proxy, which then uses an implementation of this class to get a BeanFactory from which it gets the real object, to which it delegates, then proper Dependency Injection has been achieved.

As another example, in a complex J2EE app with multiple layers, with each layer having its own ApplicationContext definition (in a hierarchy), a class like SingletonBeanFactoryLocator may be used to demand load these contexts.

Colin Sampaleanu
See Also:
BeanFactory, DefaultLocatorFactory, ApplicationContext

Method Summary
 BeanFactoryReference useBeanFactory(String factoryKey)
          Use the BeanFactory (or derived interface such as ApplicationContext) specified by the factoryKey parameter.

Method Detail


BeanFactoryReference useBeanFactory(String factoryKey)
                                    throws BeansException
Use the BeanFactory (or derived interface such as ApplicationContext) specified by the factoryKey parameter.

The definition is possibly loaded/created as needed.

factoryKey - a resource name specifying which BeanFactory the BeanFactoryLocator must return for usage. The actual meaning of the resource name is specific to the implementation of BeanFactoryLocator.
the BeanFactory instance, wrapped as a BeanFactoryReference object
BeansException - if there is an error loading or accessing the BeanFactory