Support classes for Spring's resource abstraction.


Interface Summary
ResourcePatternResolver Strategy interface for resolving a location pattern (for example, an Ant-style path pattern) into Resource objects.

Class Summary
EncodedResource Holder that combines a Resource with a specific encoding to be used for reading from the resource.
LocalizedResourceHelper Helper class for loading a localized resource, specified through name, extension and current locale.
PathMatchingResourcePatternResolver A ResourcePatternResolver implementation that is able to resolve a specified resource location path into one or more matching Resources.
PropertiesLoaderSupport Base class for JavaBean-style components that need to load properties from one or more resources.
PropertiesLoaderUtils Convenient utility methods for loading of java.util.Properties, performing standard handling of input streams.
ResourceArrayPropertyEditor Editor for Resource arrays, to automatically convert String location patterns (e.g.
ResourcePatternUtils Utility class for determining whether a given URL is a resource location that can be loaded via a ResourcePatternResolver.

Package Description

Support classes for Spring's resource abstraction. Includes a ResourcePatternResolver mechanism.