Package org.springframework.expression.spel.ast

Class Summary
Assign Represents assignment.
AstUtils Utilities methods for use in the Ast classes.
BeanReference Represents a bean reference to a type, for example "@foo" or "@''"
BooleanLiteral Represents the literal values TRUE and FALSE.
CompoundExpression Represents a DOT separated expression sequence, such as 'property1.property2.methodOne()'
ConstructorReference Represents the invocation of a constructor.
Elvis Represents the elvis operator ?:.
FormatHelper Utility methods (formatters, etc) used during parsing and evaluation.
FunctionReference A function reference is of the form "#someFunction(a,b,c)".
Indexer An Indexer can index into some proceeding structure to access a particular piece of it.
InlineList Represent a list in an expression, e.g.
IntLiteral Expression language AST node that represents an integer literal.
Literal Common superclass for nodes representing literals (boolean, string, number, etc).
LongLiteral Expression language AST node that represents a long integer literal.
OpAnd Represents the boolean AND operation.
OpDivide Implements division operator.
OpEQ Implements equality operator.
Operator Common supertype for operators that operate on either one or two operands.
OperatorBetween Represents the between operator.
OperatorInstanceof The operator 'instanceof' checks if an object is of the class specified in the right hand operand, in the same way that instanceof does in Java.
OperatorMatches Implements the matches operator.
OperatorNot Represents a NOT operation.
OperatorPower The power operator.
OpGE Implements greater-than-or-equal operator.
OpGT Implements greater-than operator.
OpLE Implements the less-than-or-equal operator.
OpLT Implements the less-than operator.
OpMinus The minus operator supports: subtraction of doubles (floats are represented as doubles) subtraction of longs subtraction of integers subtraction of an int from a string of one character (effectively decreasing that character), so 'd'-3='a' It can be used as a unary operator for numbers (double/long/int).
OpModulus Implements the modulus operator.
OpMultiply Implements the multiply operator.
OpNE Implements the not-equal operator.
OpOr Represents the boolean OR operation.
OpPlus The plus operator will: add doubles (floats are represented as doubles) add longs add integers concatenate strings It can be used as a unary operator for numbers (double/long/int).
Projection Represents projection, where a given operation is performed on all elements in some input sequence, returning a new sequence of the same size.
PropertyOrFieldReference Represents a simple property or field reference.
QualifiedIdentifier Represents a dot separated sequence of strings that indicate a package qualified type reference.
Selection Represents selection over a map or collection.
SpelNodeImpl The common supertype of all AST nodes in a parsed Spring Expression Language format expression.
Ternary Represents a ternary expression, for example: "someCheck()?true:false".
TypeReference Represents a reference to a type, for example "T(String)" or "T(com.somewhere.Foo)"
VariableReference Represents a variable reference, eg.

Enum Summary
TypeCode Captures primitive types and their corresponding class objects, plus one special entry that represents all reference (non-primitive) types.