Class Summary
ReflectionHelper Utility methods used by the reflection resolver code to discover the appropriate methods/constructors and fields that should be used in expressions.
ReflectionHelper.ArgumentsMatchInfo An instance of ArgumentsMatchInfo describes what kind of match was achieved between two sets of arguments - the set that a method/constructor is expecting and the set that are being supplied at the point of invocation.
ReflectiveConstructorResolver A constructor resolver that uses reflection to locate the constructor that should be invoked
ReflectiveMethodResolver A method resolver that uses reflection to locate the method that should be invoked.
ReflectivePropertyAccessor Simple PropertyAccessor that uses reflection to access properties for reading and writing.
StandardEvaluationContext Provides a default EvaluationContext implementation.
StandardTypeComparator A simple basic TypeComparator implementation.
StandardTypeConverter Default implementation of the TypeConverter interface, delegating to a core Spring ConversionService.
StandardTypeLocator A default implementation of a TypeLocator that uses the context classloader (or any classloader set upon it).

Enum Summary