Class HsqlMaxValueIncrementer

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All Implemented Interfaces:
InitializingBean, DataFieldMaxValueIncrementer

public class HsqlMaxValueIncrementer
extends AbstractColumnMaxValueIncrementer

DataFieldMaxValueIncrementer that increments the maximum value of a given HSQL table with the equivalent of an auto-increment column. Note: If you use this class, your HSQL key column should NOT be auto-increment, as the sequence table does the job.

The sequence is kept in a table. There should be one sequence table per table that needs an auto-generated key.


create table tab (id int not null primary key, text varchar(100));
 create table tab_sequence (value identity);
 insert into tab_sequence values(0);
If "cacheSize" is set, the intermediate values are served without querying the database. If the server or your application is stopped or crashes or a transaction is rolled back, the unused values will never be served. The maximum hole size in numbering is consequently the value of cacheSize.

NOTE: HSQL now supports sequences and you should consider using them instead: HsqlSequenceMaxValueIncrementer

Jean-Pierre Pawlak, Thomas Risberg, Juergen Hoeller
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Field Summary
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Constructor Summary
          Default constructor for bean property style usage.
HsqlMaxValueIncrementer(DataSource dataSource, String incrementerName, String columnName)
          Convenience constructor.
Method Summary
protected  long getNextKey()
          Determine the next key to use, as a long.
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Constructor Detail


public HsqlMaxValueIncrementer()
Default constructor for bean property style usage.

See Also:
AbstractDataFieldMaxValueIncrementer.setDataSource(javax.sql.DataSource), AbstractDataFieldMaxValueIncrementer.setIncrementerName(java.lang.String), AbstractColumnMaxValueIncrementer.setColumnName(java.lang.String)


public HsqlMaxValueIncrementer(DataSource dataSource,
                               String incrementerName,
                               String columnName)
Convenience constructor.

dataSource - the DataSource to use
incrementerName - the name of the sequence/table to use
columnName - the name of the column in the sequence table to use
Method Detail


protected long getNextKey()
                   throws DataAccessException
Description copied from class: AbstractDataFieldMaxValueIncrementer
Determine the next key to use, as a long.

Specified by:
getNextKey in class AbstractDataFieldMaxValueIncrementer
the key to use as a long. It will eventually be converted later in another format by the public concrete methods of this class.