Support classes for web data binding.


Interface Summary
SessionAttributeStore Strategy interface for storing model attributes in a backend session.
SessionStatus Simple interface that can be injected into handler methods, allowing them to signal that their session processing is complete.
WebArgumentResolver SPI for resolving custom arguments for a specific handler method parameter.
WebBindingInitializer Callback interface for initializing a WebDataBinder for performing data binding in the context of a specific web request.

Class Summary
ConfigurableWebBindingInitializer Convenient WebBindingInitializer for declarative configuration in a Spring application context.
DefaultSessionAttributeStore Default implementation of the SessionAttributeStore interface, storing the attributes in the WebRequest session (i.e.
SimpleSessionStatus Simple implementation of the SessionStatus interface, keeping the complete flag as an instance variable.
WebRequestDataBinder Special DataBinder to perform data binding from web request parameters to JavaBeans, including support for multipart files.

Package Description

Support classes for web data binding.