Annotation Type DependsOn

public @interface DependsOn

Beans on which the current bean depends. Any beans specified are guaranteed to be created by the container before this bean. Used infrequently in cases where a bean does not explicitly depend on another through properties or constructor arguments, but rather depends on the side effects of another bean's initialization.

Note: This attribute will not be inherited by child bean definitions, hence it needs to be specified per concrete bean definition.

May be used on any class directly or indirectly annotated with Component or on methods annotated with Bean.

Using DependsOn at the class level has no effect unless component-scanning is being used. If a DependsOn-annotated class is declared via XML, DependsOn annotation metadata is ignored, and <bean depends-on="..."/> is respected instead.

Juergen Hoeller

Optional Element Summary
 String[] value


public abstract String[] value