Package org.springframework.orm.hibernate4

Package providing integration of Hibernate 4.x with Spring concepts.


Class Summary
HibernateExceptionTranslator PersistenceExceptionTranslator capable of translating HibernateException instances to Spring's DataAccessException hierarchy.
HibernateTransactionManager PlatformTransactionManager implementation for a single Hibernate SessionFactory.
LocalSessionFactoryBean FactoryBean that creates a Hibernate SessionFactory.
LocalSessionFactoryBuilder A Spring-provided extension of the standard Hibernate Configuration class, adding SpringSessionContext as a default and providing convenient ways to specify a DataSource and an application class loader.
SessionFactoryUtils Helper class featuring methods for Hibernate Session handling.
SessionHolder Session holder, wrapping a Hibernate Session and a Hibernate Transaction.
SpringJtaSessionContext Spring-specific subclass of Hibernate's JTASessionContext, setting FlushMode.MANUAL for read-only transactions.
SpringSessionContext Implementation of Hibernate 3.1's CurrentSessionContext interface that delegates to Spring's SessionFactoryUtils for providing a Spring-managed current Session.

Exception Summary
HibernateJdbcException Hibernate-specific subclass of UncategorizedDataAccessException, for JDBC exceptions that Hibernate wrapped.
HibernateObjectRetrievalFailureException Hibernate-specific subclass of ObjectRetrievalFailureException.
HibernateOptimisticLockingFailureException Hibernate-specific subclass of ObjectOptimisticLockingFailureException.
HibernateQueryException Hibernate-specific subclass of InvalidDataAccessResourceUsageException, thrown on invalid HQL query syntax.
HibernateSystemException Hibernate-specific subclass of UncategorizedDataAccessException, for Hibernate system errors that do not match any concrete org.springframework.dao exceptions.

Package org.springframework.orm.hibernate4 Description

Package providing integration of Hibernate 4.x with Spring concepts.

Contains an implementation of Spring's transaction SPI for local Hibernate transactions. This package is intentionally rather minimal, with no template classes or the like, in order to follow Hibernate recommendations as closely as possible. We recommend using Hibernate's native sessionFactory.getCurrentSession() style.

This package supports Hibernate 4.x only. See the org.springframework.orm.hibernate3 package for Hibernate 3.x support. Note: Do not use HibernateTemplate or other classes from the hibernate3 package with Hibernate 4; this will lead to class definition exceptions at runtime.