Interface ContextResource

All Superinterfaces:
InputStreamSource, Resource
All Known Implementing Classes:
PortletContextResource, ServletContextResource

public interface ContextResource
extends Resource

Extended interface for a resource that is loaded from an enclosing 'context', e.g. from a ServletContext or a PortletContext but also from plain classpath paths or relative file system paths (specified without an explicit prefix, hence applying relative to the local ResourceLoader's context).

Juergen Hoeller
See Also:
ServletContextResource, PortletContextResource

Method Summary
 String getPathWithinContext()
          Return the path within the enclosing 'context'.
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Method Detail


String getPathWithinContext()
Return the path within the enclosing 'context'.

This is typically path relative to a context-specific root directory, e.g. a ServletContext root or a PortletContext root.