Package org.springframework.http.client

Contains an abstraction over client-side HTTP.


Interface Summary
ClientHttpRequest Represents a client-side HTTP request.
ClientHttpRequestExecution Represents the context of a client-side HTTP request execution.
ClientHttpRequestFactory Factory for ClientHttpRequest objects.
ClientHttpRequestInterceptor Intercepts client-side HTTP requests.
ClientHttpResponse Represents a client-side HTTP response.

Class Summary
AbstractClientHttpRequest Abstract base for ClientHttpRequest that makes sure that headers and body are not written multiple times.
AbstractClientHttpRequestFactoryWrapper Abstract base class for ClientHttpRequestFactory implementations that decorate another request factory.
AbstractClientHttpResponse Abstract base for ClientHttpResponse.
BufferingClientHttpRequestFactory Wrapper for a ClientHttpRequestFactory that buffers all outgoing and incoming streams in memory.
CommonsClientHttpRequestFactory Deprecated. In favor of HttpComponentsClientHttpRequestFactory
HttpComponentsClientHttpRequestFactory ClientHttpRequestFactory implementation that uses Apache HttpComponents HttpClient to create requests.
InterceptingClientHttpRequestFactory Wrapper for a ClientHttpRequestFactory that has support for ClientHttpRequestInterceptors.
SimpleClientHttpRequestFactory ClientHttpRequestFactory implementation that uses standard J2SE facilities.

Package org.springframework.http.client Description

Contains an abstraction over client-side HTTP. This package contains the ClientHttpRequest and ClientHttpResponse, as well as a basic implementation of these interfaces.