Interface SqlReturnType

public interface SqlReturnType

Interface to be implemented for retrieving values for more complex database-specific types not supported by the standard CallableStatement.getObject method.

Implementations perform the actual work of getting the actual values. They must implement the callback method getTypeValue which can throw SQLExceptions that will be caught and translated by the calling code. This callback method has access to the underlying Connection via the given CallableStatement object, if that should be needed to create any database-specific objects.

Thomas Risberg
See Also:
Types, CallableStatement.getObject(int), StoredProcedure.execute(java.util.Map)

Field Summary
static int TYPE_UNKNOWN
          Constant that indicates an unknown (or unspecified) SQL type.
Method Summary
 Object getTypeValue(CallableStatement cs, int paramIndex, int sqlType, String typeName)
          Get the type value from the specific object.

Field Detail


static final int TYPE_UNKNOWN
Constant that indicates an unknown (or unspecified) SQL type. Passed into setTypeValue if the original operation method does not specify a SQL type.

See Also:
Types, JdbcOperations.update(String, Object[]), Constant Field Values
Method Detail


Object getTypeValue(CallableStatement cs,
                    int paramIndex,
                    int sqlType,
                    String typeName)
                    throws SQLException
Get the type value from the specific object.

cs - the CallableStatement to operate on
paramIndex - the index of the parameter for which we need to set the value
sqlType - SQL type of the parameter we are setting
typeName - the type name of the parameter
the target value
SQLException - if a SQLException is encountered setting parameter values (that is, there's no need to catch SQLException)
See Also:
Types, CallableStatement.getObject(int)