Interface DatabaseMetaDataCallback

public interface DatabaseMetaDataCallback

A callback interface used by the JdbcUtils class. Implementations of this interface perform the actual work of extracting database meta data, but don't need to worry about exception handling. SQLExceptions will be caught and handled correctly by the JdbcUtils class.

Thomas Risberg
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Method Summary
 Object processMetaData(DatabaseMetaData dbmd)
          Implementations must implement this method to process the meta data passed in.

Method Detail


Object processMetaData(DatabaseMetaData dbmd)
                       throws SQLException,
Implementations must implement this method to process the meta data passed in. Exactly what the implementation chooses to do is up to it.

dbmd - the DatabaseMetaData to process
a result object extracted from the meta data (can be an arbitrary object, as needed by the implementation)
SQLException - if a SQLException is encountered getting column values (that is, there's no need to catch SQLException)
MetaDataAccessException - in case of other failures while extracting meta data (for example, reflection failure)