Interface SQLExceptionTranslator

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AbstractFallbackSQLExceptionTranslator, SQLErrorCodeSQLExceptionTranslator, SQLExceptionSubclassTranslator, SQLStateSQLExceptionTranslator

public interface SQLExceptionTranslator

Strategy interface for translating between SQLExceptions and Spring's data access strategy-agnostic DataAccessException hierarchy.

Implementations can be generic (for example, using SQLState codes for JDBC) or wholly proprietary (for example, using Oracle error codes) for greater precision.

Rod Johnson, Juergen Hoeller
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Method Summary
 DataAccessException translate(String task, String sql, SQLException ex)
          Translate the given SQLException into a generic DataAccessException.

Method Detail


DataAccessException translate(String task,
                              String sql,
                              SQLException ex)
Translate the given SQLException into a generic DataAccessException.

The returned DataAccessException is supposed to contain the original SQLException as root cause. However, client code may not generally rely on this due to DataAccessExceptions possibly being caused by other resource APIs as well. That said, a getRootCause() instanceof SQLException check (and subsequent cast) is considered reliable when expecting JDBC-based access to have happened.

task - readable text describing the task being attempted
sql - SQL query or update that caused the problem (may be null)
ex - the offending SQLException
the DataAccessException, wrapping the SQLException
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