Package org.springframework.jms.core

Core package of the JMS support.


Interface Summary
BrowserCallback<T> Callback for browsing the messages in a JMS queue.
JmsOperations Specifies a basic set of JMS operations.
MessageCreator Creates a JMS message given a Session.
MessagePostProcessor To be used with JmsTemplate's send method that convert an object to a message.
ProducerCallback<T> Callback for sending a message to a JMS destination.
SessionCallback<T> Callback for executing any number of operations on a provided Session.

Class Summary
JmsTemplate Helper class that simplifies synchronous JMS access code.
JmsTemplate102 Deprecated. as of Spring 3.0, in favor of the JMS 1.1 based JmsTemplate

Package org.springframework.jms.core Description

Core package of the JMS support. Provides a JmsTemplate class and various callback interfaces.