Package org.springframework.jmx.access

Provides support for accessing remote MBean resources.


Class Summary
MBeanClientInterceptor MethodInterceptor that routes calls to an MBean running on the supplied MBeanServerConnection.
MBeanProxyFactoryBean Creates a proxy to a managed resource running either locally or remotely.
NotificationListenerRegistrar Registrar object that associates a specific NotificationListener with one or more MBeans in an MBeanServer (typically via a MBeanServerConnection).

Exception Summary
InvalidInvocationException Thrown when trying to invoke an operation on a proxy that is not exposed by the proxied MBean resource's management interface.
InvocationFailureException Thrown when an invocation on an MBean resource failed with an exception (either a reflection exception or an exception thrown by the target method itself).
MBeanConnectFailureException Thrown when an invocation failed because of an I/O problem on the MBeanServerConnection.
MBeanInfoRetrievalException Thrown if an exception is encountered when trying to retrieve MBean metadata.

Package org.springframework.jmx.access Description

Provides support for accessing remote MBean resources. Requires JMX 1.2 or above.