Package org.springframework.orm.jpa.persistenceunit

Internal support for managing JPA persistence units.


Interface Summary
PersistenceUnitManager Interface that defines an abstraction for finding and managing JPA PersistenceUnitInfos.
PersistenceUnitPostProcessor Callback interface for post-processing a JPA PersistenceUnitInfo.
SmartPersistenceUnitInfo Extension of the standard JPA PersistenceUnitInfo interface, for advanced collaboration between Spring's LocalContainerEntityManagerFactoryBean and PersistenceUnitManager implementations.

Class Summary
DefaultPersistenceUnitManager Default implementation of the PersistenceUnitManager interface.
MutablePersistenceUnitInfo Spring's base implementation of the JPA PersistenceUnitInfo interface, used to bootstrap an EntityManagerFactory in a container.

Package org.springframework.orm.jpa.persistenceunit Description

Internal support for managing JPA persistence units.