Interface SchedulingAwareRunnable

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public interface SchedulingAwareRunnable
extends Runnable

Extension of the Runnable interface, adding special callbacks for long-running operations.

This interface closely corresponds to the CommonJ Work interface, but is kept separate to avoid a required CommonJ dependency.

Scheduling-capable TaskExecutors are encouraged to check a submitted Runnable, detecting whether this interface is implemented and reacting as appropriately as they are able to.

Juergen Hoeller
See Also:
Work, TaskExecutor, SchedulingTaskExecutor, WorkManagerTaskExecutor

Method Summary
 boolean isLongLived()
          Return whether the Runnable's operation is long-lived (true) versus short-lived (false).
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Method Detail


boolean isLongLived()
Return whether the Runnable's operation is long-lived (true) versus short-lived (false).

In the former case, the task will not allocate a thread from the thread pool (if any) but rather be considered as long-running background thread.

This should be considered a hint. Of course TaskExecutor implementations are free to ignore this flag and the SchedulingAwareRunnable interface overall.