Generic support classes for scheduling.


Class Summary
CronSequenceGenerator Date sequence generator for a Crontab pattern, allowing clients to specify a pattern that the sequence matches.
CronTrigger Trigger implementation for cron expressions.
DelegatingErrorHandlingRunnable Runnable wrapper that catches any exception or error thrown from its delegate Runnable and allows an ErrorHandler to handle it.
MethodInvokingRunnable Adapter that implements the Runnable interface as a configurable method invocation based on Spring's MethodInvoker.
PeriodicTrigger A trigger for periodic task execution.
ScheduledMethodRunnable Variant of MethodInvokingRunnable meant to be used for processing of no-arg scheduled methods.
SimpleTriggerContext Simple data holder implementation of the TriggerContext interface.
TaskUtils Utility methods for decorating tasks with error handling.

Package Description

Generic support classes for scheduling. Provides a Runnable adapter for Spring's MethodInvoker.