Package org.springframework.transaction.annotation

JDK 1.5+ annotation for transaction demarcation.


Interface Summary
TransactionAnnotationParser Strategy interface for parsing known transaction annotation types.
TransactionManagementConfigurer Interface to be implemented by @Configuration classes annotated with @EnableTransactionManagement that wish or need to specify explicitly the PlatformTransactionManager bean to be used for annotation-driven transaction management, as opposed to the default approach of a by-type lookup.

Class Summary
AbstractTransactionManagementConfiguration Abstract base @Configuration class providing common structure for enabling Spring's annotation-driven transaction management capability.
AnnotationTransactionAttributeSource Implementation of the TransactionAttributeSource interface for working with transaction metadata in JDK 1.5+ annotation format.
Ejb3TransactionAnnotationParser Strategy implementation for parsing EJB3's TransactionAttribute annotation.
ProxyTransactionManagementConfiguration @Configuration class that registers the Spring infrastructure beans necessary to enable proxy-based annotation-driven transaction management.
SpringTransactionAnnotationParser Strategy implementation for parsing Spring's Transactional annotation.
TransactionManagementConfigurationSelector Selects which implementation of AbstractTransactionManagementConfiguration should be used based on the value of EnableTransactionManagement.mode() on the importing @Configuration class.

Enum Summary
Isolation Enumeration that represents transaction isolation levels for use with the Transactional annotation, corresponding to the TransactionDefinition interface.
Propagation Enumeration that represents transaction propagation behaviors for use with the Transactional annotation, corresponding to the TransactionDefinition interface.

Annotation Types Summary
EnableTransactionManagement Enables Spring's annotation-driven transaction management capability, similar to the support found in Spring's <tx:*> XML namespace.
Transactional Describes transaction attributes on a method or class.

Package org.springframework.transaction.annotation Description

JDK 1.5+ annotation for transaction demarcation. Hooked into Spring's transaction interception infrastructure via a special TransactionAttributeSource implementation.