Annotation Type ModelAttribute

public @interface ModelAttribute

Annotation that binds a method parameter or method return value to a named model attribute, exposed to a web view. Supported for RequestMapping annotated handler classes.

Can be used to expose command objects to a web view, using specific attribute names, through annotating corresponding parameters of a RequestMapping annotated handler method).

Can also be used to expose reference data to a web view through annotating accessor methods in a controller class which is based on RequestMapping annotated handler methods, with such accessor methods allowed to have any arguments that RequestMapping supports for handler methods, returning the model attribute value to expose.

Juergen Hoeller

Optional Element Summary
 String value
          The name of the model attribute to bind to.


public abstract String value
The name of the model attribute to bind to.

The default model attribute name is inferred from the declared attribute type (i.e. the method parameter type or method return type), based on the non-qualified class name: e.g. "orderAddress" for class "mypackage.OrderAddress", or "orderAddressList" for "List<mypackage.OrderAddress>".