Package org.springframework.web.servlet.config.annotation

Annotation-based setup for Spring MVC.


Interface Summary
WebMvcConfigurer Defines callback methods to customize the Java-based configuration for Spring MVC enabled via @EnableWebMvc.

Class Summary
DefaultServletHandlerConfigurer Configures a request handler for serving static resources by forwarding the request to the Servlet container's "default" Servlet.
DelegatingWebMvcConfiguration Extends WebMvcConfigurationSupport with the ability to detect beans of type WebMvcConfigurer and give them a chance to customize the provided configuration by delegating to them at the appropriate times.
InterceptorRegistration Encapsulates a HandlerInterceptor and an optional list of URL patterns.
InterceptorRegistry Stores and provides access to a list of interceptors.
ResourceHandlerRegistration Encapsulates information required to create a resource handlers.
ResourceHandlerRegistry Stores registrations of resource handlers for serving static resources such as images, css files and others through Spring MVC including setting cache headers optimized for efficient loading in a web browser.
ViewControllerRegistration Encapsulates information required to create a view controller.
ViewControllerRegistry Stores registrations of view controllers.
WebMvcConfigurationSupport This is the main class providing the configuration behind the MVC Java config.
WebMvcConfigurerAdapter An convenient base class with empty method implementations of WebMvcConfigurer.

Annotation Types Summary
EnableWebMvc Add this annotation to an @Configuration class to have the Spring MVC configuration defined in WebMvcConfigurationSupport imported:
 @ComponentScan(basePackageClasses = { MyConfiguration.class })
 public class MyWebConfiguration {


Package org.springframework.web.servlet.config.annotation Description

Annotation-based setup for Spring MVC.