Package org.springframework.web.servlet.tags

Spring's JSP standard tag library for JSP 2.0+.


Interface Summary
EditorAwareTag Interface to be implemented by JSP tags that expose a PropertyEditor for a property that they are currently bound to.
ParamAware Allows implementing tag to utilize nested spring:param tags.

Class Summary
BindErrorsTag JSP tag that evaluates content if there are binding errors for a certain bean.
BindTag Bind tag, supporting evaluation of binding errors for a certain bean or bean property.
EscapeBodyTag Custom JSP tag to escape its enclosed body content, applying HTML escaping and/or JavaScript escaping.
EvalTag JSP tag for evaluating expressions with the Spring Expression Language (SpEL).
HtmlEscapeTag Sets default HTML escape value for the current page.
HtmlEscapingAwareTag Superclass for tags that output content that might get HTML-escaped.
MessageTag Custom JSP tag to look up a message in the scope of this page.
NestedPathTag Nested-path tag, to support and assist with nested beans or bean properties in the model.
Param Bean used to pass name-value pair parameters from a ParamTag to a ParamAware tag.
ParamTag JSP tag for collecting name-value parameters and passing them to a ParamAware ancestor in the tag hierarchy.
RequestContextAwareTag Superclass for all tags that require a RequestContext.
ThemeTag Custom tag to look up a theme message in the scope of this page.
TransformTag Tag for transforming reference data values from form controllers and other objects inside a spring:bind tag (or a data-bound form element tag from Spring's form tag library).
UrlTag JSP tag for creating URLs.

Package org.springframework.web.servlet.tags Description

Spring's JSP standard tag library for JSP 2.0+. Supports JSP view implementations within Spring's web MVC framework. See spring.tld for descriptions of the various tags.