Package org.springframework.web.util

Miscellaneous web utility classes, such as HTML escaping, log4j initialization, and cookie handling.


Class Summary
CookieGenerator Helper class for cookie generation, carrying cookie descriptor settings as bean properties and being able to add and remove cookie to/from a given response.
ExpressionEvaluationUtils Convenience methods for accessing JSP 2.0's ExpressionEvaluator.
HtmlUtils Utility class for HTML escaping.
HttpSessionMutexListener Servlet 2.3 HttpSessionListener that automatically exposes the session mutex when an HttpSession gets created.
IntrospectorCleanupListener Listener that flushes the JDK's JavaBeans Introspector cache on web app shutdown.
JavaScriptUtils Utility class for JavaScript escaping.
Log4jConfigListener Bootstrap listener for custom log4j initialization in a web environment.
Log4jWebConfigurer Convenience class that performs custom log4j initialization for web environments, allowing for log file paths within the web application, with the option to perform automatic refresh checks (for runtime changes in logging configuration).
TagUtils Utility class for tag library related code, exposing functionality such as translating Strings to web scopes.
UriComponents Represents an immutable collection of URI components, mapping component type to string values.
UriComponentsBuilder Builder for UriComponents.
UriTemplate Represents a URI template.
UriUtils Utility class for URI encoding and decoding based on RFC 3986.
UrlPathHelper Helper class for URL path matching.
WebAppRootListener Listener that sets a system property to the web application root directory.
WebUtils Miscellaneous utilities for web applications.

Exception Summary
NestedServletException Subclass of ServletException that properly handles a root cause in terms of message and stacktrace, just like NestedChecked/RuntimeException does.

Package org.springframework.web.util Description

Miscellaneous web utility classes, such as HTML escaping, log4j initialization, and cookie handling.