Class BeanFactoryAspectInstanceFactory

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Serializable, MetadataAwareAspectInstanceFactory, AspectInstanceFactory, Ordered
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public class BeanFactoryAspectInstanceFactory extends Object implements MetadataAwareAspectInstanceFactory, Serializable
AspectInstanceFactory implementation backed by a Spring BeanFactory.

Note that this may instantiate multiple times if using a prototype, which probably won't give the semantics you expect. Use a LazySingletonAspectInstanceFactoryDecorator to wrap this to ensure only one new aspect comes back.

Rod Johnson, Juergen Hoeller
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  • Constructor Details

    • BeanFactoryAspectInstanceFactory

      public BeanFactoryAspectInstanceFactory(BeanFactory beanFactory, String name)
      Create a BeanFactoryAspectInstanceFactory. AspectJ will be called to introspect to create AJType metadata using the type returned for the given bean name from the BeanFactory.
      beanFactory - the BeanFactory to obtain instance(s) from
      name - the name of the bean
    • BeanFactoryAspectInstanceFactory

      public BeanFactoryAspectInstanceFactory(BeanFactory beanFactory, String name, @Nullable Class<?> type)
      Create a BeanFactoryAspectInstanceFactory, providing a type that AspectJ should introspect to create AJType metadata. Use if the BeanFactory may consider the type to be a subclass (as when using CGLIB), and the information should relate to a superclass.
      beanFactory - the BeanFactory to obtain instance(s) from
      name - the name of the bean
      type - the type that should be introspected by AspectJ (null indicates resolution through BeanFactory.getType(java.lang.String) via the bean name)
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