Class AbstractBeanFactoryBasedTargetSource

All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, TargetClassAware, TargetSource, Aware, BeanFactoryAware
Direct Known Subclasses:
AbstractPrototypeBasedTargetSource, LazyInitTargetSource, SimpleBeanTargetSource

public abstract class AbstractBeanFactoryBasedTargetSource extends Object implements TargetSource, BeanFactoryAware, Serializable
Base class for TargetSource implementations that are based on a Spring BeanFactory, delegating to Spring-managed bean instances.

Subclasses can create prototype instances or lazily access a singleton target, for example. See LazyInitTargetSource and AbstractPrototypeBasedTargetSource's subclasses for concrete strategies.

BeanFactory-based TargetSources are serializable. This involves disconnecting the current target and turning into a SingletonTargetSource.

Juergen Hoeller, Rod Johnson
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  • Field Details

    • logger

      protected final transient Log logger
      Logger available to subclasses.
  • Constructor Details

    • AbstractBeanFactoryBasedTargetSource

      public AbstractBeanFactoryBasedTargetSource()
  • Method Details

    • setTargetBeanName

      public void setTargetBeanName(String targetBeanName)
      Set the name of the target bean in the factory.

      The target bean should not be a singleton, else the same instance will always be obtained from the factory, resulting in the same behavior as provided by SingletonTargetSource.

      targetBeanName - name of the target bean in the BeanFactory that owns this interceptor
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    • getTargetBeanName

      public String getTargetBeanName()
      Return the name of the target bean in the factory.
    • setTargetClass

      public void setTargetClass(Class<?> targetClass)
      Specify the target class explicitly, to avoid any kind of access to the target bean (for example, to avoid initialization of a FactoryBean instance).

      Default is to detect the type automatically, through a getType call on the BeanFactory (or even a full getBean call as fallback).

    • setBeanFactory

      public void setBeanFactory(BeanFactory beanFactory)
      Set the owning BeanFactory. We need to save a reference so that we can use the getBean method on every invocation.
      Specified by:
      setBeanFactory in interface BeanFactoryAware
      beanFactory - owning BeanFactory (never null). The bean can immediately call methods on the factory.
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    • getBeanFactory

      public BeanFactory getBeanFactory()
      Return the owning BeanFactory.
    • getTargetClass

      @Nullable public Class<?> getTargetClass()
      Description copied from interface: TargetSource
      Return the type of targets returned by this TargetSource.

      Can return null, although certain usages of a TargetSource might just work with a predetermined target class.

      Specified by:
      getTargetClass in interface TargetClassAware
      Specified by:
      getTargetClass in interface TargetSource
      the type of targets returned by this TargetSource
    • copyFrom

      protected void copyFrom(AbstractBeanFactoryBasedTargetSource other)
      Copy configuration from the other AbstractBeanFactoryBasedTargetSource object. Subclasses should override this if they wish to expose it.
      other - object to copy configuration from
    • equals

      public boolean equals(@Nullable Object other)
      equals in class Object
    • hashCode

      public int hashCode()
      hashCode in class Object
    • toString

      public String toString()
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