Interface ServerHttpRequest

All Superinterfaces:
HttpMessage, HttpRequest, ReactiveHttpInputMessage
All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractServerHttpRequest, MockServerHttpRequest, ServerHttpRequestDecorator

public interface ServerHttpRequest extends HttpRequest, ReactiveHttpInputMessage
Represents a reactive server-side HTTP request.
Arjen Poutsma, Rossen Stoyanchev, Sam Brannen
  • Method Details

    • getId

      String getId()
      Return an id that represents the underlying connection, if available, or the request for the purpose of correlating log messages.
      See Also:
    • getPath

      RequestPath getPath()
      Returns a structured representation of the full request path up to but not including the query.

      The returned path is subdivided into a RequestPath.contextPath() portion and the remaining pathWithinApplication portion. The latter can be passed into methods of PathPattern for path matching purposes.

    • getQueryParams

      MultiValueMap<String,String> getQueryParams()
      Return a read-only map with parsed and decoded query parameter values.
    • getCookies

      Return a read-only map of cookies sent by the client.
    • getLocalAddress

      @Nullable default InetSocketAddress getLocalAddress()
      Return the local address the request was accepted on, if available.
    • getRemoteAddress

      @Nullable default InetSocketAddress getRemoteAddress()
      Return the remote address where this request is connected to, if available.
    • getSslInfo

      @Nullable default SslInfo getSslInfo()
      Return the SSL session information if the request has been transmitted over a secure protocol including SSL certificates, if available.
      the session information, or null if none available
    • mutate

      default ServerHttpRequest.Builder mutate()
      Return a builder to mutate properties of this request by wrapping it with ServerHttpRequestDecorator and returning either mutated values or delegating back to this instance.