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public class AnnotationBeanNameGenerator extends Object implements BeanNameGenerator
BeanNameGenerator implementation for bean classes annotated with the @Component annotation or with another annotation that is itself annotated with @Component as a meta-annotation. For example, Spring's stereotype annotations (such as @Repository) are themselves annotated with @Component.

Also supports Jakarta EE's ManagedBean and JSR-330's Named annotations (as well as their pre-Jakarta javax.annotation.ManagedBean and javax.inject.Named equivalents), if available. Note that Spring component annotations always override such standard annotations.

If the annotation's value doesn't indicate a bean name, an appropriate name will be built based on the short name of the class (with the first letter lower-cased), unless the first two letters are uppercase. For example: -> fooServiceImpl -> URLFooServiceImpl
Juergen Hoeller, Mark Fisher, Sam Brannen
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      public static final AnnotationBeanNameGenerator INSTANCE
      A convenient constant for a default AnnotationBeanNameGenerator instance, as used for component scanning purposes.
  • Constructor Details

    • AnnotationBeanNameGenerator

      public AnnotationBeanNameGenerator()
  • Method Details

    • generateBeanName

      public String generateBeanName(BeanDefinition definition, BeanDefinitionRegistry registry)
      Description copied from interface: BeanNameGenerator
      Generate a bean name for the given bean definition.
      Specified by:
      generateBeanName in interface BeanNameGenerator
      definition - the bean definition to generate a name for
      registry - the bean definition registry that the given definition is supposed to be registered with
      the generated bean name
    • determineBeanNameFromAnnotation

      @Nullable protected String determineBeanNameFromAnnotation(AnnotatedBeanDefinition annotatedDef)
      Derive a bean name from one of the annotations on the class.
      annotatedDef - the annotation-aware bean definition
      the bean name, or null if none is found
    • isStereotypeWithNameValue

      protected boolean isStereotypeWithNameValue(String annotationType, Set<String> metaAnnotationTypes, Map<String,Object> attributes)
      Check whether the given annotation is a stereotype that is allowed to suggest a component name through its value() attribute.
      annotationType - the name of the annotation class to check
      metaAnnotationTypes - the names of meta-annotations on the given annotation
      attributes - the map of attributes for the given annotation
      whether the annotation qualifies as a stereotype with component name
    • buildDefaultBeanName

      protected String buildDefaultBeanName(BeanDefinition definition, BeanDefinitionRegistry registry)
      Derive a default bean name from the given bean definition.

      The default implementation delegates to buildDefaultBeanName(BeanDefinition).

      definition - the bean definition to build a bean name for
      registry - the registry that the given bean definition is being registered with
      the default bean name (never null)
    • buildDefaultBeanName

      protected String buildDefaultBeanName(BeanDefinition definition)
      Derive a default bean name from the given bean definition.

      The default implementation simply builds a decapitalized version of the short class name: e.g. "mypackage.MyJdbcDao" → "myJdbcDao".

      Note that inner classes will thus have names of the form "outerClassName.InnerClassName", which because of the period in the name may be an issue if you are autowiring by name.

      definition - the bean definition to build a bean name for
      the default bean name (never null)