Class StompHeaderAccessor

public class StompHeaderAccessor extends SimpMessageHeaderAccessor
A MessageHeaderAccessor to use when creating a Message from a decoded STOMP frame, or when encoding a Message to a STOMP frame.

When created from STOMP frame content, the actual STOMP headers are stored in the native header sub-map managed by the parent class NativeMessageHeaderAccessor while the parent class SimpMessageHeaderAccessor manages common processing headers some of which are based on STOMP headers (e.g. destination, content-type, etc).

An instance of this class can also be created by wrapping an existing Message. That message may have been created with the more generic SimpMessageHeaderAccessor in which case STOMP headers are created from common processing headers. In this case it is also necessary to invoke either updateStompCommandAsClientMessage() or updateStompCommandAsServerMessage() if sending a message and depending on whether a message is sent to a client or the message broker.

Rossen Stoyanchev