Class DataClassRowMapper<T>

Type Parameters:
T - the result type
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class DataClassRowMapper<T> extends BeanPropertyRowMapper<T>
RowMapper implementation that converts a row into a new instance of the specified mapped target class. The mapped target class must be a top-level class or static nested class, and it may expose either a data class constructor with named parameters corresponding to column names or classic bean property setter methods with property names corresponding to column names (or even a combination of both).

The term "data class" applies to Java records, Kotlin data classes, and any class which has a constructor with named parameters that are intended to be mapped to corresponding column names.

When combining a data class constructor with setter methods, any property mapped successfully via a constructor argument will not be mapped additionally via a corresponding setter method. This means that constructor arguments take precedence over property setter methods.

Note that this class extends BeanPropertyRowMapper and can therefore serve as a common choice for any mapped target class, flexibly adapting to constructor style versus setter methods in the mapped class.

Please note that this class is designed to provide convenience rather than high performance. For best performance, consider using a custom RowMapper implementation.

Juergen Hoeller, Sam Brannen
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