Interface MessagingAdviceBean

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public interface MessagingAdviceBean extends Ordered
Represents a Spring-managed bean with cross-cutting functionality to be applied to one or more Spring beans with annotation-based message handling methods.

Component stereotypes such as @Controller with annotation handler methods often need cross-cutting functionality across all or a subset of such annotated components. A primary example of this is the need for "global" annotated exception handler methods but the concept applies more generally.

Rossen Stoyanchev
  • Method Details

    • getBeanType

      @Nullable Class<?> getBeanType()
      Return the type of the contained advice bean.

      If the bean type is a CGLIB-generated class, the original user-defined class is returned.

    • resolveBean

      Object resolveBean()
      Return the advice bean instance, if necessary resolving a bean specified by name through the BeanFactory.
    • isApplicableToBeanType

      boolean isApplicableToBeanType(Class<?> beanType)
      Whether this MessagingAdviceBean applies to the given bean type.
      beanType - the type of the bean to check