Class RedirectView

All Implemented Interfaces:
Aware, BeanNameAware, InitializingBean, ApplicationContextAware, View

public class RedirectView extends AbstractUrlBasedView
View that redirects to an absolute or context relative URL. The URL may be a URI template in which case the URI template variables will be replaced with values from the model or with URI variables from the current request.

By default HttpStatus.SEE_OTHER is used but alternate status codes may be supplied via constructor or setters arguments.

Sebastien Deleuze, Rossen Stoyanchev
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  • Method Details

    • setStatusCode

      public void setStatusCode(HttpStatusCode statusCode)
      Set an alternate redirect status code such as HttpStatus.TEMPORARY_REDIRECT or HttpStatus.PERMANENT_REDIRECT.
    • getStatusCode

      public HttpStatusCode getStatusCode()
      Get the redirect status code to use.
    • setContextRelative

      public void setContextRelative(boolean contextRelative)
      Whether to interpret a given redirect URL that starts with a slash ("/") as relative to the current context path (true, the default) or relative to the web server root (false).
    • isContextRelative

      public boolean isContextRelative()
      Whether to interpret URLs as relative to the current context path.
    • setPropagateQuery

      public void setPropagateQuery(boolean propagateQuery)
      Whether to append the query string of the current URL to the redirect URL (true) or not (false, the default).
    • isPropagateQuery

      public boolean isPropagateQuery()
      Whether the query string of the current URL is appended to the redirect URL.
    • setHosts

      public void setHosts(@Nullable String... hosts)
      Configure one or more hosts associated with the application.

      All other hosts will be considered external hosts.

      In effect this provides a way turn off encoding for URLs that have a host and that host is not listed as a known host.

      If not set (the default) all redirect URLs are encoded.

      hosts - one or more application hosts
    • getHosts

      @Nullable public String[] getHosts()
      Return the configured application hosts.
    • isRedirectView

      public boolean isRedirectView()
      Description copied from interface: View
      Whether this View does render by performing a redirect.
    • checkResourceExists

      public boolean checkResourceExists(Locale locale) throws Exception
      Description copied from class: AbstractUrlBasedView
      Check whether the resource for the configured URL actually exists.
      Specified by:
      checkResourceExists in class AbstractUrlBasedView
      locale - the desired Locale that we're looking for
      false if the resource exists false if we know that it does not exist
      Exception - if the resource exists but is invalid (e.g. could not be parsed)
    • renderInternal

      protected reactor.core.publisher.Mono<Void> renderInternal(Map<String,Object> model, @Nullable MediaType contentType, ServerWebExchange exchange)
      Convert model to request parameters and redirect to the given URL.
      Specified by:
      renderInternal in class AbstractView
      model - combined output Map (never null), with dynamic values taking precedence over static attributes
      contentType - the content type selected to render with, which should match one of the supported media types
      exchange - current exchange
      a Mono that represents when and if rendering succeeds
    • createTargetUrl

      protected final String createTargetUrl(Map<String,Object> model, ServerWebExchange exchange)
      Create the target URL and, if necessary, pre-pend the contextPath, expand URI template variables, append the current request query, and apply the configured RequestDataValueProcessor.
    • expandTargetUrlTemplate

      protected StringBuilder expandTargetUrlTemplate(String targetUrl, Map<String,Object> model, Map<String,String> uriVariables)
      Expand URI template variables in the target URL with either model attribute values or as a fallback with URI variable values from the current request. Values are encoded.
    • appendCurrentRequestQuery

      protected StringBuilder appendCurrentRequestQuery(String targetUrl, ServerHttpRequest request)
      Append the query of the current request to the target redirect URL.
    • sendRedirect

      protected reactor.core.publisher.Mono<Void> sendRedirect(String targetUrl, ServerWebExchange exchange)
      Send a redirect back to the HTTP client.
      targetUrl - the target URL to redirect to
      exchange - current exchange
    • isRemoteHost

      protected boolean isRemoteHost(String targetUrl)
      Whether the given targetUrl has a host that is a "foreign" system in which case HttpServletResponse.encodeRedirectURL(java.lang.String) will not be applied.

      This method returns true if the setHosts(String[]) property is configured and the target URL has a host that does not match.

      targetUrl - the target redirect URL
      true if the target URL has a remote host, false if the URL does not have a host or the "host" property is not configured