Class TransformTag

All Implemented Interfaces:
IterationTag, JspTag, Tag, TryCatchFinally, Serializable

public class TransformTag extends HtmlEscapingAwareTag
The <transform> tag provides transformation for reference data values from controllers and other objects inside a spring:bind tag (or a data-bound form element tag from Spring's form tag library).

The BindTag has a PropertyEditor that it uses to transform properties of a bean to a String, usable in HTML forms. This tag uses that PropertyEditor to transform objects passed into this tag.

Attribute Summary
Attribute Required? Runtime Expression? Description
htmlEscape false true Set HTML escaping for this tag, as boolean value. Overrides the default HTML escaping setting for the current page.
scope false true The scope to use when exported the result to a variable. This attribute is only used when var is also set. Possible values are page, request, session and application.
value true true The value to transform. This is the actual object you want to have transformed (for instance a Date). Using the PropertyEditor that is currently in use by the 'spring:bind' tag.
var false true The string to use when binding the result to the page, request, session or application scope. If not specified, the result gets outputted to the writer (i.e. typically directly to the JSP).
Alef Arendsen, Juergen Hoeller
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