Package providing integration of GemFire with Spring concepts.


Interface Summary
GemfireCallback<T> Callback interface for GemFire code.

Class Summary
CacheFactoryBean Factory used for configuring a Gemfire Cache manager.
DeclarableSupport Convenience class for Spring-aware GemFire Declarable components.
GemfireAccessor Base class for GemfireTemplate and GemfireInterceptor, defining common properties such as Region.
GemfireBeanFactoryLocator BeanFactoryLocator used for storing Spring application context/bean factory for Gemfire user components (or Declarable.
GemfireCacheUtils Helper class featuring methods for GemFire Cache or Region handling.
GemfireTemplate Helper class that simplifies GemFire data access code and converts GemFireCheckedException and GemFireException into Spring DataAccessException, following the org.springframework.dao exception hierarchy.
GemfireTransactionManager Local transaction manager for GemFire Enterprise Fabric (GEF).
PartitionAttributesFactoryBean Spring-friendly bean for creating PartitionAttributes.
RegionAttributesFactoryBean Spring-friendly bean for creating RegionAttributes.
RegionFactoryBean<K,V> FactoryBean for creating generic GemFire Regions.
RegionLookupFactoryBean<K,V> Simple FactoryBean for retrieving generic GemFire Regions.
WiringDeclarableSupport Dedicated Declarable support class for wiring the declaring instance through the Spring container.

Exception Summary
GemfireCancellationException GemFire-specific class for exceptions caused by system cancellations.
GemfireIndexException Gemfire-specific subclass thrown on index creation.
GemfireQueryException GemFire-specific subclass of InvalidDataAccessResourceUsageException thrown on invalid OQL query syntax.
GemfireSystemException GemFire-specific subclass of UncategorizedDataAccessException, for GemFire system errors that do not match any concrete org.springframework.dao exceptions.

Package Description

Package providing integration of GemFire with Spring concepts.

Contains helper classes, a template plus callback for GemFire access and an implementation of Spring's transaction SPI for local GemFire transactions.

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