Package providing integration with Apache HBase.


Interface Summary
HbaseOperations Interface that specifies a basic set of Hbase operations, implemented by HbaseTemplate.
ResultsExtractor<T> Callback handling scanner results.
RowMapper<T> Callback for mapping rows of a ResultScanner on a per-row basis.
TableCallback<T> Callback interface for Hbase code.

Class Summary
HbaseConfigurationFactoryBean Factory for creating HBase specific configuration.
HbaseInterceptor AOP interceptor that binds a new Hbase table to the thread before a method call, closing and removing it afterwards in case of any method outcome.
HbaseSynchronizationManager Synchronization manager handling the tracking of Hbase resources (specifically tables).
HbaseTemplate Central class for accessing the HBase API.
HbaseUtils Helper class featuring methods for Hbase table handling and exception translation.

Exception Summary
HbaseSystemException HBase Data Access exception.

Package Description

Package providing integration with Apache HBase.